300 lbs of plate-clad man meat leaping in your face

Fighter 10/Barbarian 1
XP Needed:66,000
20 Strength
11 Dexterity
17 Constitution
10 Intelligence
10 Wisdom
8 Charisma
Armor Class: 25
Touch AC: 10
Flat-Footed AC: 19

Alignment: NG

Deity: Thor

Size: M


Gender: Male

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 220 lbs

Saving Throws Total Base Save Ability Mod Magic Mod Misc Mod
Fortitude 12 9 3 0 0
Reflex 3 3 0 0 0
Willpower 6 3 3 0 0

Base Attack/Grapple: +11/+16

Primary Attack(+2 Greatsword): +19/+14/+9 Damage: 2d6+12
Power Attack (+5): +14/+9/+4 Damage: 2d6+21
Rage: +21/+16/+11 Damage: 2d6+15
Power Attack(+5)+Rage: +16/+11/+6 Damage: 2d6+25
Leap Attack (Charge)+Rage: +18 Damage: 2d6+30
Momentum Swing-Power Attack(+6)1st round charging +17 Damage: 2d6+32
Momentum Swing-Power Attack(+6)2nd round full attack +15/+10/+5 Damage: 2d6+33
Skills Mod = Ability Mod + Ranks + Misc Mod
Climb +17 = 4 + 13 + 0
Intimidate +13 = -1 + 14 + 0
Jump +18 = 4 + 14 + 4 if running
Survival +5 = 0 + 5 + 0
Swim +12 = 7 + 5 + 0
Feats Notes
Weapon Focus(Greatsword) Level 1
Endurance Bonus Human
Steadfast Determination Fighter 1
Leap Attack Fighter 2
Run Level 3
Weapon Specialization(Greatsword) Fighter 4
Power Attack Level 6
Improved Bull Rush Fighter 6
Improved Sunder Fighter 8
Combat Brute Level 9
Cleave Fighter 10
Amulet of Health +2
Cloak of the Precog +3
Full Plate +3
Greatsword +2
Boots of Striding and Springing
Ioun Stone(Pale Blue Rhomboid)
Flaming Composite Longbow+1 (+5 Str Bonus)
Oil of Bless Weapon
Ring of Protection +1
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
Gold Ring @ 50gp
2 Dire Bear Pelts @ 500gp each
1500 sp
13000 gp
308 pp

Hellraiser was born among the barbarian tribes of the north. He was discovered alone on the plains fending for himself after getting separated from his tribe when they were attacked by rivals. The traveling knight who found him, took him to the city of St. James in the kingdom of France. There he was put to work cleaning up after soldiers at the barracks. He was unruly, and loved to fight. Seeing this, the watch captain urged the soldiers at the barracks to train him as one of their own. They took the watch captain’s advice and the boy became a soldier. He was even developing good habits and discipline until the war against Rome commenced and he was sent to the front line. Most of the soldiers, especially the young ones his own age, were scared and did not look forward to being sent to the front. Kevin was different, though and he was eager for battle. After his first tour, he was sent back to St. James as a decorated war hero but he still wanted more combat. He stayed drunk most of the time and picked fights as often as possible and spent a lot of time in the dungeon. The guard tried to get him to stay outside of town at the Ranger’s Camp but after a few days, they didn’t want him there, either. He did a brief stint with a local adventuring party but his abrasive and violent tendencies soon caused them to abandon him as well. Throughout these debacles, he became known as “Hellraiser” due to his innate ability to keep the city guard occupied every time he came through town. He eventually became too powerful for the normal guards to subdue and they knew something had to be done. During one of his lucid moments, the guard captain decided to take Hellraiser to the shrine of the Goddess of the Secret Gates and pray to her for an answer. To his surprise, a priestess of the goddess was already there waiting for him. She took Hellraiser by the hand and he was gone. The next time he looked, Hellraiser saw another group of adventurers and he joined them on their quest to clear the Keep of Forgotten Kings. Since then, he has been important member of the group, giving them a powerful melee front against their enemies. He has shown valor and self-sacrifice in the defense of his teammates and takes orders well. His manners and hygiene still leave something to be desired but he can be counted on to be a productive member of the group.


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