Character Creation

Ability Scores

For the generation of ability scores, use the rules on the Dungeons and Dragons DMG 3.5 page169 for standard point buy. This allows for 25 points.


The races allowed are as follows: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Hafling, Half-elf, Half-orc, Elan and Xeph. Other races may be allowed or introduced later in the game.


The classes allowed are as follows: Ardent, Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Lurk, Paladin, Psion, Psychic Warrior, Ranger, Scout, Sorcerer, Wizard. If you play a psionic class, there are a few new psionic powers.Those who are playing Sorcerers or Wizards will need to know that they will be the exception and will probably not be from this world. There are some new spells unique to the world. Those playing Bards, Paladins and Rangers will have an option to play a non-spell-casting variant. Those that want to play the traditional class will have to be from another world as well. Clerics of good alignment serve one deity for the moment but she takes all forms of good (ie. Lawful, neutral or chaotic)Learn more about the Goddess Aura. Each player gets maximum hit points at 1st level and 75% maximum at each level thereafter. If your HD is a d10, then you get 8 at 2nd level and 7 at 3rd level, alternating in that pattern. If you multiclass into another class, you do not get maximum hit points at 1st level. Max HP are only given at character level 1, not class level 1.

Starting Gold and Equipment

For those players creating 1st level characters, take the maximum amount that you can roll on the dice and multiply it by .75 and that’s your starting gold. For those players creating characters above 1st level, refer to the DMG 3.5 p135 and look at the chart for wealth by level. That’s how much gold you will have to purchase items. Most items from the DMG are okay with the obvious exception of artifacts and intelligent items. If you are unsure, just check with the DM. As for equipment in general, there is one simple rule. If you don’t have it written on your character sheet, you DON’T have it. Make sure you write down items that you acquire or buy, even if they are non-magical items.

Character Creation

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