City of Rhoan

The City of Rhoan is where characters will begin their adventuring careers. It is a place that you should get to know.

General Description

Rhoan is a small city with a population around 8,000. It located near an old tradeway known as The King’s Road. The city can be entered through through the gatehouse and a set of double iron doors that operate on a portcullis. It is surrounded by a 30ft high, 10 ft thick wall with crenellations atop it. A few guards can be seen patrolling atop the walls on most days. Powerful siege weapons have been permanently emplaced on the walls that have a very long range. There are also several visible watchtowers. Most of the time, these towers are vacant or serve as bunks for the guards on wall duty but in war time, they can house a large number of archers. The cobblestone streets are 15 to 20ft wide and in good repair throughout most of the city, allowing for ease of travel. During the day, many areas of the city, most notably the market sees crowds of people going to and fro in the pursuit of their daily lives. For a more detailed look at the city and its ward see City Wards.

Important Features

Castle Trent- The single most fortified structure in the city. It is a castle built of stone and mortar surrounded by a 20ft, high stone wall with a tower in all four corners. The keep inside has 20 rooms and the walls are 10feet thick. There are numerous catapults, ballistas and trebuchets defending the castle. It’s current garrison is about 200 men, but this can more than double during times of war.

Wizard’s Tower- A mysterious and foreboding edifice that stands near the outskirts of the city. It is in a rundown area of town so few go out of their way to visit it but those who happen to be nearby on a frequent basis have seen strange, robed individuals come and go.

The Academy-The grounds of this military training facility sprawl over a large area. It is near the castle and shares some of its architecture. Included on the grounds are buildings containing classrooms, barracks, stable, and a jousting arena. There are numerous functions held at the Academy throughout the year both formal and casual. These include the Academy Ball, The Royal Joust, and graduation ceremonies.

Order of the Bow-A humble but sizable wooden structure located near the Academy. It serves as the headquarters for an order of archers currently attempting to be recognized by the king as knights. Many of them are Rangers.

Old Man Kreger’s Sundries and Curiosities- Located near the market, this odd ramshackle shop contains many different trinkets of different origins. The shop is cluttered and the space is tight. There appears to be no order at all to the placement of items for sale here.

Griffon’s Nest Inn- This Inn, located among others is most known for the type of people who gather there. Since the Orc War started, there have been few adventurers to be found. Mercenaries have taken their place and the Griffon’s Nest is where they typically gather. It is a rowdy place.

City of Rhoan

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