Dragondown Grotto

Part 1: the Spawnscale Nursery

The group learns from a Sorceror named Targan Klem that the Draconic deity known as Tiamat has returned and her followers are on the move. Vile servants of the Dragon queen keep dragon eggs and raise young dragons, selling them to evil masterminds who desire dragon mounts and servants. He promises 500 gp for each dragon egg they rescue from this nursery. Once the team invaded the spawnscale nursery, they learned from Meepo that Targan has made several cowardly attempts, himself to steal the eggs. He plans to use the eggs as a sacrifice to raise a dracolich. Meepo also gives them a map and tells them where to locate two artifacts that may assist in their battle against Targan Klem. These are known as the Egg of Tiamatand the Egg of Bahamut. Meepo urges the group to get them before Targan Klem does. After sneaking away, they return to Rhoan, reorganize the group and set out to return to their quest.

Part 2: the Forest Cliff Lair

The team seeks out the lair of a Green Dragon where Meepo said the Egg of Bahamut would be. They battle through the dragon’s minions and finally confront her directly. Sekkatrix is a young green dragon but is no pushover. The group does eventually force her to surrender and bargain with her for the Egg of Bahamut and for her life. The group is now headed toward the Dragon graveyard to retrieve the Egg of Tiamat.

Part 3: the Dragon Graveyard

When the heroes arrive at the Dragon Graveyard, they find that challenges await them before they can retrieve the Egg of Tiamat. After scrupulous and careful scouting, they manage to locate the egg but must go through dangerous constructs known as cadaver collectors to get to the shadowy walls surrounding the chamber where the egg is located. Once inside the chamber, they find themselves confronted with dangerous incorporeal undead that drain life levels. The party manages to obtain the egg and escape but half of the party is severely drained by the effort and they do not complete their exploration of the graveyard. Instead, they decide to rest for a day and then proceed to the Grotto to confront the sorcerer before he is able to complete the ritual.

Part 4: Dragondown Grotto

Along the way, the team encounters a few wandering monsters but manage to arrive safely at Dragondown Grotto. Once there, they face several Dragonnes who engage them fiercely while Targan Klem sits astride Blackbone (his black dragon mount) within the crater that forms the grotto and chants. Every round, during the chanting, Blackbone crushes a dragon egg with his foreclaw. The party manages to punch through the Dragonne defense and assault Targan Klem directly. Ultimately, he is forced to flee before completing the ritual and several of the dragon eggs are saved. There is still a palpable taint of evil upon the place as it is the resting place of a dracolich. Fearful that Targan may return to complete the ritual, the group stays behind to dispel the evil magic that permeates the place and consecrate the ground. After doing so, they return to Rhoan.

Dragondown Grotto

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