Fields of Ruin

The group has been plucked from their homeworld in the Realm of the Secret Gates by their goddess and placed in Terra to serve the land and help bring about the return of the gods. To this end, they have entered the city of Rhoan to see what assistance they can offer. King Gregor Trent II asks the group to bring a Wizard named Raseris to justice. Raseris, they learn, was seeking an artifact known as the Earth Crown. When the king learns of this, he tells them to bring the crown to him and the man who told them about it; a mercenary named Kazmir aka the Magpie Man. The adventurers incur the wrath of the local orc nation during their travels by slaying their kin, most notably a powerful berserker named Thogbad, a skullcrusher ogre named Drax and an orc assassin named Sliprursh. After penetrating the Keep of Forgotten Kings, they learn that Raseris was killed in battle with a Night Hag who had recently claimed the keep and was negotiating with the orcs for its use during the winter. They also locate the Earth crown and kill the Magpie man in battle, learning in the process that he was hired by someone named Ironhorn to retrieve the crown. The king grants them their promised reward in addition to a Noble title and a deed to the keep and its surrounding environs. Their titles are:

Lord Sherriff of the Northern Territory Sir Henri Tenar

Chancellor of Education for the Northern Territory- Pierre Beauchamp

Minister of Defense for the Northern Territory- Lord Kevin “Hellraiser” Stone

Secretary of Urban planning for the Northern Territory- Luke Besson *

Advocate of Arcane Studies for the Northern Territory-Peter Lebeuax*

Fields of Ruin

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